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Workout at home with Live Zoom and On Demand Pilates sessions for all levels and abilities. Access a library of Pilates videos to stabilise your core, mobilise your joints, improve your posture and improve your wellness that you can access anytime to support your at home Pilates practice

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Catch Up

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Pilates Foundations

Welcome to Pilates With Yasmin. Thankyou for choosing to start classes online with me. You will find a range of classes here some specially recorded for my website and some zoom class recordings that you can do in the comfort of you home. Pilates is for every age and every level.

To begin your journey you need to understand the key elements and principles of Pilates....

Pilates For Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Is back ache affecting your activity levels and daily life? Have you lost confidence and need suitable exercise for your back troubles?

These classes are specially designed for those with general non specific low back pain but are also ideal for beginners learning the principles of Pilates and foundation exercises. You will find classes to gently mobilise your spine, gently connect and strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the core, address your posture and alignment and support you in returning to pain free functional movement.

Pilates Posture Fix

Every week through the summer holidays come and enjoy an express Pilates class to tone your body, slim the waist and get you holiday ready

Spikey Ball Release Series

The spikey massage balls are a great piece of equipment to relieve muscle tension, tightness, stress relief and trigger point release. You can find some targeted sessions here for relief and relaxation.

Feel Good Pilates

This is a series of 20 minute sessions to stretch, strengthen and leave you feeling good. Short enough to fit into your busy day and long enough to feel the difference. Focus on keeping your alignment and posture throughout each movement and engaging and strengthening your deep core muscles. There will be a new class here weekly throughout May for you to enjoy.

Beginner Level Classes

Begin your journey here if you are new to pilates, recovering from injury or are looking for a gentle class to improve back pain and mobility. These classes will take you through basic warm up movements , foundation level pilates exercises to build your core awareness and posture.

Restorative Pilates

These are short sessions from 10-20 minutes that you can use to ease postural tightness, releases tension, improve your posture and realign your body. Leaving your body feeling awakened, lengthened and moving freely and ready for the day.

Upper Body and Core

A 30 minute pilates session with a focus on the upper body and core using light weights and resistance bands.
This session is suitable during pregnancy and postnatal.

Lower Body

A 30 minute with a focus on the legs and glutes

Core and Stretch

A 30 minute intermediate session with a focus on the core, abdominals and a full body stretch

Intermediate Level- Core and Abdominals

Intermediate level classes with a focus on strengthening the deep core muscles and obliques

Intermediate Level- Hips/Glutes Focus

Intermediate level classes with a focus on strengthening the glutes, mobilising the hips, balance and core stability

Intermediate Level- Back Care

Intermediate level classes with a focus on spinal mobility, back strength and core stabilisation.

Intermediate Level- Full Body Flow

Intermediate level classes focussing on building strength, balance and lengthening the whole body

Intermediate Level- Upper Body Focus

Intermediate level classes with a focus on shoulder mobility, upper body stabilisation, posture and full body strengthening

Pilates With the Soft Ball

This series of classes uses the soft Pilates ball to to add challenge and variety to your sessions.

Daily 10

A mini series of quick 10 minute, time efficient, focussed workouts that you can squeeze into everyday

Power Pilates

Advanced level workouts to challenge your full body strength, stability and fitness.