Mummy and Me  

Core Rehab

Phase 2 Postnatal Functional Fitness

The FIT classes are low impact, core and pelvic floor focussed, functional exercise classes. This section is for when you are ready to progress your core and pelvic floor training to the next level after gaining a strong core connection through Phase 1.

As mums we lift, squat, lunge, bend and push all of the time. Each workout will focus on building strength, stability and control in these “functional mummy movements”. Whether your goal is to get back to running, sports or simply to go to the trampoline park with the kids and not have to worry about little leaks, EVERY woman will benefit from functional pelvic floor exercise and conscious core exercise. We will strengthen your body for the demands of daily life and motherhood., leaving you feeling amazing, capable, confident and strong.

This is functional pelvic floor exercise and weekly workouts to keep you FIT for LIFE!