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Core Rehab

Phase 1 Postnatal Pilates and Rehab

Hopefully you have gone through and watched the introductory section. Its important so don’t skip it! We will be using it to help us find the right exercises for you in Phase 1. 

Here you can find specific classes for mobility and release, C-section recovery, 6 week Postnatal Pilates Guide, Spikey ball releases, Daily 10 stretches, Pilates for low back pain, join me for live sessions and catch up on lots of previous live class recordings.

Catch Up

Catch Up

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Mobility and Release

This is a selection of gorgeous sessions to help free your movement and release areas of tightness and tension in your body to improve your alignment and posture. This is important as changes in your posture can affect your breathing and ability to get a good pelvic floor contraction.

After 9 months of pregnancy and then lots of lifting, carrying, feeding and sitting, your posture changes leaving some muscle tight and tense and others lengthened and weak.

Take time to address your posture and you will have more awareness of your technique and a good foundation for your exercise going forward.

Everyday take some time to yourself and enjoy these gorgeous stretches and movements, your body will thank you for it.

Spikey Ball Release Series

The spikey massage balls are a great piece of equipment to relieve muscle tension, tightness, stress relief and trigger point release. You can find some targeted sessions here for relief and relaxation.

Daily 10

A mini series of quick 10 minute, time efficient, focussed workouts that you can squeeze into everyday

Postnatal Pilates Programme

I know how little free time mums have so the workouts are broken down into short sessions but can be put together to create a longer workouts when you have time. The goal here is little and often. Each day start with a postnatal warm up and the choose 1 or 2 videos from that weeks choices. To cool down select 2 release videos from the section above to address any areas you feel you need some postural release in.

Every mum is different, stay with the level that suites you until you feel confident and in control through your core and pelvic floor. Throughout each exercise focus on creating tension in your core and co ordinating your breathing and pelvic floor. Ensure you look out for signs of doming of the tummy muscles, a feeling of heaviness in your pelvic floor or vagina or leaking. These are all signs of a lack of control and may mean you need to work on your control a bit more before progressing to that particular exercise and onto the next weeks exercises.

C-Section Recovery Series

These classes are specifically designed for you if you have had an abdominal birth/C-section. The aims of the sessions are to reconnect you with your deep core and pelvic floor. Keep listening to your body throughout each exercise, you have had major abdominal surgery so take it easy and focus on your breathing to help you connect. Please wait until 12 weeks after your c-section to begin classes to allow time for healing.

Pilates For Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Is back ache affecting your activity levels and daily life? Have you lost confidence and need suitable exercise for your back troubles?

These classes are specially designed for those with general back pain. You will find classes to gently mobilise your spine, gently connect and strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the core, address your posture and alignment and support you in returning to pain free functional movement.

Summer Sculpt Series

Starting Thursday 1st July
New Series with classes added weekly through July and August

Every week through the summer holidays come and enjoy an express Pilates class to tone your body, slim the waist and get you holiday ready. These sessions are suitable pre and postnatal

Zoom Postnatal Class Catch Up

Missed a session? Catch up on previous full Postnatal Pilates and Pelvic floor live classes. Each class is 45-60 minutes and includes mobility and release as well as the main session. You will need a nice quiet space, your Pilates soft ball and resistance band for these sessions.