Mummy and Me  

Core Rehab


Through a Programme of Postnatal Pilates and functional movement, be guided and supported in restoring your core and pelvic floor after birth. 

Work your way through completing each phase and build a pelvic floor that will support you for life.

Take some time out to take care of yourself and begin to rebuild your strength again so you can get back to enjoying activities you love.


You can join anytime after your 6 week check with your health practitioner or 12 weeks after a c section recovery 

Please ensure you have had your postnatal check with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any kind of exercise after birth.

Welcome and Thankyou for choosing to join my Mummy and Me Online Membership. This content has been designed to guide you safely back to confidence after birth. The exercises are progressive to reconnect your core, improve abdominal tension and restore your pelvic floor post pregnancy and beyond.

It doesn’t matter if your baby is 6 weeks or 16 years old, if your core and pelvic floor needs addressing this guide is for you. 

Safely stretch your body, realign your posture, eases aches and pains, reconnect your core, rebuild your strength and make time for YOU. Using postnatal pilates, functional exercise, mobility and releases you will learn to reconnect and restore your core and pelvic floor, ease muscle tightness and tension, improve your postnatal posture and build you body confidence. 

This programme is suitable from 6 weeks postnatal and or 12 weeks after a c section delivery.

Please ensure you have consulted your GP and have had your 6 week check before starting any exercise program and take care during each exercise using options where you need to.

You will need the following equipment to get you started…
Pilates Mat
Soft Pilates ball or a cushion
Light resistance band
Light weights- (for when you get to the FIT workouts)

If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch with me at

Getting Started

I believe that the most empowering thing for a woman is to be educated and supported. Having an understanding of how your body works, what is involved and what to look out for will enable you to get the most out of your sessions and also help you seek assistance if you should need it.

These videos are the start of your recovery.  Here your will find the steps to ensure you are safe in starting your journey, teaching you how to connect with your pelvic floor and core, check yourself to diastasis recti and have an understanding of your body so you can progress safely through the course. Please take the time to watch these before joining me live for a class as they are all important and discuss key issues around your pelvic floor and recovery that you need to know and understand before participating.