Mummy and Me  

Core Rehab


CONGRATULATIONS- You have had a baby!

Its amazing and overwhelming but can leave you feeling like your body isn’t your own! I am here to help you navigate your postnatal journey and through a Programme of Postnatal Pilates and functional movement, I will guide and support you in taking back control, restoring your core and pelvic floor after birth.¬†

We will focus on building your strength from the inside out beginning with correcting your posture, improving your breathing patterns, release muscle tightness and tension and rebuilding full body functional strength. Work your way through completing each phase and build a pelvic floor and core that will support you for life.

Take some time out to take care of yourself and begin to rebuild your strength again so you can get back to enjoying activities you love.


You can join anytime after your 6 week check with your health practitioner or 12 weeks after a c section recovery 

Please ensure you have had your postnatal check with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any kind of exercise after birth.